Case Study - Ditto Sustainability



Ditto Sustainability wanted to find high quality candidates, with specific interests and experience in sustainability, utilising both their employee network and the nudj network.


Using nudj’s web-based platform, they were able to find more people worth asking for recommendations, personalise their requests to ensure those people took action, track where applicants had come from and easily reward referrals made by those outside of their company.


Made 5 key hires across Marketing, Sales and Customer Success, saving more than 90% on recruiter fees.



Finding the candidates with the right passion

Ditto Sustainability is a SaaS startup that was founded on the mission to create, educate and inspire sustainable people. Through their innovative eLearning platform, individuals and organisations can improve their knowledge and gain the necessary accreditations required to drive long-term sustainability improvements.

Having recently been acquired by Ditto, an AI company, which manages the data that allows businesses to monitor their waste in real-time inside their eLearning platform, they were tasked with expanding their team across Marketing, Sales, Account Management and Customer Success to support their growth.

These new hires needed to have not only the right mix of skills, experience and personality, but they also had to have a deep passion for all things sustainability. As such, their efforts to utilise specialist recruiters and their existing employee network just wasn’t delivering good quality candidates fast enough.

‘As with all startups, building the right team is critical to its success but when helping save the planet is at the heart of the mission finding people who are as passionate about sustainability as we are is vital, we don’t want people who view this as just another job.’
Ben Gardner, Director of Customer Success


Utilising nudj to discover, ask, track and reward referrals

Using the nudj platform, Ditto Sustainability were able to easily find more people from their networks who they thought could provide good recommendations of who to hire. They were also able to send out highly-personalised requests, encouraging the people they asked for recommendations to take action.

Thanks to nudj, they were also able to monitor the performance of their jobs, including; who from their network was engaged, how many additional requests were being made and who referred which candidates, giving them first hand-insight into their experience and skills before they even interviewed them.

Due to their employee network being limited in certain disciplines and seniorities they also made use of the nudj network - our curated community of vetted referrers - to maximise the reach of their jobs, getting them in front of people who have a track record of referring candidates that matched there needs.

Lastly, they were also able to reward people outside of their company for making successful referrals, utilising nudj’s simple payment systems to handle all the necessary paperwork.

‘Whether the candidates came from my network or nudj’s, they were higher calibre than anything else we’ve used before. I also had the confidence in their skills given they were referred.’
Ben Gardner, Director of Customer Success


Higher quality candidates, hired for less

Across 5 jobs that Ditto Sustainability have posted to date, they received 15 candidates, of which 13 were interviewed showcasing the quality of applicants received via referrals.

5 people were eventually hired, at a cost that was 90% less than using a recruiter...

  • Recruiter fee = 18% of first year salary
  • Average salary of hire = £35,000 - £50,000
  • Average recruiter fee at 18% = £7,650
  • 5 hires made using a recruiter = £38,250
  • 5 hires with nudj = £3,000 @ average of £600 p/hire
  • Total savings = ~92%

‘I’m really happy with the team we’ve built using nudj and the best thing is how simple it was.’
Ben Gardner, Director of Customer Success

About Ditto Sustainability

Ditto Sustainability are the new standard in sustainability software, education and advisory services; making the acquisition of sustainability knowledge more cost effective, inspirational and accessible.

Cover photo by Thomas Lambert / Unsplash