No CV required

Writing a CV isn’t an enjoyable task for anyone, but it’s one of those things that we all have to do. Or is it?

At nudj, we’ve gone CV free, and that’s because there’s more to an applicant than what they present to us in a document.

The idea of a CV is reductive. They don’t give an accurate representation of the real person you’ll be working with, and won’t give a clear indication of how they match your company culture or the needs of the position. Some candidates can write a glowing account of themselves with ease, and that’s great! But others struggle to write down why they’re the best person for the job. They might be extremely talented and have all the right experience, but articulating that on two-sides of A4 is still a barrier to their success. Even if they can put together a good resume, an employer's ability to determine whether a candidate is good or not, is equivalent to flipping a coin!

CVs are useful for providing essential information about a candidate, such as their employment history, qualifications and career aspirations, as well as giving them a platform to sell themselves. However, when employers look at these CVs, they deal with large volumes and, in the age of Applicant Tracking Systems, use pre-filters and keyword screening to whittle down the numbers. In many cases, good candidates are ruled out before they’ve even been looked at.

You are missing out on potentially great candidates, because of the CV.

The CV is also preventing you from accessing the pool of passive candidates, not actively looking for a new job. Many potential candidates that already have jobs are uninterested in applying for new ones, simply because they’re stressed out by the idea of having to update their CV.

At nudj, we’re accessing this pool of passive candidates by encouraging businesses to hire exclusively through referral. Referrals are the perfect alternative to the traditional CV application, not to mention the best way to hire. They are born out of conversations with your employees, who give personal recommendations to connect you with the best people they know. With no CV required, referrals get you the connections, so you can contact potential candidates and have more personal interactions with them.

With referrals, you have access to a wider hiring pool of passive candidates, as well as having a more personal hiring experience. There’s a face put to the name, along with each candidate already being peer-vetted by someone you trust.

Referrals will get you a higher quality hire than any amount of CV assessing, and hopefully we’ve given you a nudj to step away from them, altogether.