Why everyone should nudj

Nudj is all about sharing great opportunities with the best people. We want to hear from people like yourself, to help us find the best undiscovered talent. If your recommendations result in a hire, you'll even be rewarded for your help!

We believe nudj is the best way for awesome people to get hired by awesome companies. Here's how it works!

We all have that friend…

We all have talented friends who are unhappy in their current job, hesitant to take the next step in their career, or generally are too busy to look around. It doesn’t help that the process of finding a new job can be daunting and time consuming; updating your CV, researching companies, applying and interviewing is a full-time job in itself! While these friends may not actively be looking for something new, that doesn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t love the opportunity.

With nudj, that’s where you come in…

Awesome companies value your judgment. They ask you to share their opportunities with your friends, and in turn, your friends and colleagues are introduced to them. Your friend can then opt in to start a conversation with the hiring manager, no CV necessary. Suddenly, finding a great new job seems easy!

You’re better than any recruiter…

Unlike a recruiter, you know your friends and what they are suited to. You know where their skills lie, and the kinds of companies they would like to work for. Your introduction can open doors that may have been left closed if left up to an algorithm or keyword search.

On top of helping out a friend, nudj will reward you for your help if it results in a hire. It will be plenty to cover a great holiday, or the new job celebrations, at the very least!

So, give nudj a try!

We are all aware that recruitment kind of sucks… Nudj, with your help, is looking to change recruitment for the better. With a more personal approach to hiring, candidates are treated as more than just what is written in their CV. We give you the opportunity to have your say, as well as to help your friends reach for their perfect job. Who knows, if you help your friend find their dream job, then maybe one day they’ll help you, find yours.