Why our job opportunities are special, not specialist

Businesses aren't built on developers and designers alone.

Yet, the market is full of tools which help companies discover talent to fill these technical roles. Why is this? Well, for one, it’s where the VC money is. Also, given the sheer volume of people in those roles that are switching to lucrative contract gigs, it's becoming increasingly hard to find good permanent talent. This is where platforms such as Hired, Snap.hr and Crew, to name but a few, come in attempting to solve this problem.

But what about non-technical roles?

While these companies are searching for great technical staff, there are also thousands of non-technical roles that also are waiting to be filled! Without these roles, in Marketing or People Development, many of the great ideas that are in development right now may never come to fruition. Without someone to line up customers to use your software or a support structure that enables these developers to flourish, it is not possible to create a successful business.

Just because you don’t have a working knowledge of the JS framework-de-jour or know (or care) what skeuomorphism is, nudj is committed to providing opportunities in a variety of positions, rather than catering to a specialist few.

How is nudj helping?

We decided to produce a platform that collates the best non-technical jobs at some of the best UK start-ups, sharing them once a month with those that are interested. It’s that simple. Nudj is building useful resources, large or small, to help those that are looking for great jobs. This is the first of hopefully many “experiments” nudj is conducting, that we have named FANJUKSU, or Finding a Non-tech Job at a UK Start-up.. See what we did there?

How can I get involved?

It’s easy! Just sign up for the types of roles you’re interested in and we’ll send you a monthly email with the best opportunities going. That’s it!

If the interest in FANJUKSU is high, we’ll turn it into a searchable directory, so people can browse at their leisure.


There are non-technical positions out there, and we are here to nudj you in the right direction. FANJUKSU is making them easily accessible to you. So check it out, and find a great non-tech job, right now!